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Thread: Boot in bt4, iso, usb..dual boot.

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    Default Boot in bt4, iso, usb..dual boot.

    I got ubuntu 10.10 and winxp dual boot system. I'll start with the usb. i followed all the instructions for the usb installation through the unetbootin website also the instuctions they offer in pdf. I switched the boot process so the compu boots from the usb.. so when the screen shows to choose which operating system i choose the generic 2.6x... it boots but nothing of bt shows on the screen, not even the logo.. it just goes into ubuntu. what is the problem?
    #2 ok. now i got the bt4 iso downloaded as a file on my i have to burn it to a cd first then boot from the cd then download it again from the cd? I choose to use Linux only.....
    I really want to get this up and going. plse someone that knows how can set this straight. thanks

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    Default Re: Boot in bt4, iso, usb..dual boot.

    I figured out the problem... I had began an install of Ubuntu then aborted it... the hd had 4 partitions installed which 2 were of the aborted install that was affecting the boot process. Here is a rundown.
    OK.....I solved the problem here... what it was is that i downloaded
    Ubuntu twice on the hard-drive....Once i was downloading the first one
    i aborted the download then i downloaded it again..... So i decided to
    reinstall Ubuntu on the laptop, when i got to the partition section i
    saw that it had 2 ext4 primarys 2 swaps which when combined one is the
    aborted download... i then erased those partitions and installed the
    one ext4 primary partition / then the swap partition... when finished
    i actually used the cd that came with the Alfa card to install on the
    machine... although i didnt see any linux software to download on the
    compu, it may of had already installed it when i ran it because after
    that the card is now working flawlessly and we can move on to bigger
    and better things... I must also say that the Backtrack4 version is a
    precise masterpiece for all... its always time to learn and

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