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Thread: change country code wireless

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    Default change country code wireless

    I have gotten a script which would change the regulatory.bin for wireless. It doesn't work and I am for sure the script should work OK. After running the script and reboot I can't change my country code and it keeps falling back to country 00, which, unforunately, is the only thing that isn't rewritten and the values are (6,20) as they should be, after the script (N/A, 40) I can't change to any country I want. I tried again yesterday and before running the script I fully updated my kernel. No luck. How can it be that regdbdump /regulatory.bin keeps country 00 to (6, 20) and I am not able anymore to change to the disered country I want? Can anyone help, I googled already?

    Thank you.

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    Default Re: change country code wireless

    i don't think you'll find any solutions for this problem here, cause i face a similar problem a while ago when joker 5bb did some coding for the alfa adapter and nobody react . and today i see the same zero action for your question. me myself has no expertise in coding so i waith for a solution coming out the community.

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    Default Re: change country code wireless

    Hi there !

    Even though I am the writer of the script, I encounter the same problem on a different computer... I spent the whole day searching for a solution with iw, modprobe, other configurations, etc. Even with a modified 00 (global) region, the values shown in "iw reg get" stay the same. And I can't change the regions. I found nothing near a solution on forums or google.

    I also tried manually from clean start with good procedure (same as working one my other computer) and same problem occurred (so, fear not TFDM, my script shouldn't be at fault here).

    Just a precision : the goal is not infringe the law, but rather to get wireless cards to their max capabilities. For example, FR region (where I live) is limited to 20 dBm but 1W (30 dBm) cards are sold legally, so I must be able to use it with said power. I know there is the BO region, but since we can't change region at all, it won't help.

    I suspended the page for the script, in fear more people would get those kind of problems (even though they were largely warned before using it).

    So help would be much appreciated, both for users and knowledge !
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    Running both KDE and GNOME BT5 flawlessly. Thank you !

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