Hi there. I installed Backtrack as my primary OS because I am learning security. That being said, I am also very interested in audio, and I produce music as well. I have everything set up properly (Jack for using my firewire soundcard, and even routing alsa to Jack), I use ardour, seq24, and other software synths. I am trying to install some new plugins (calf plugins), and they are not located in synaptic repositories provided by backtrack.
Ok, so I go ahead and download the .deb file and try and install it. Well, it has dependencies beyond my system. For instance, if I have libasound2 1.0.17, it needs libasound2 1.0.18 or greater (don't remember if those are the exact numbers but that is *one* of the packages). My question is this, is it possible to either update the backtrack repositories, can I point my synaptic to another repository, like one of ubuntu's and install all of these things? Can I download the .deb files myself and just install them over the older versions?
Also, in my Synaptic, I do not see the option of adding additional repositories. There is a repository selection under settings, but everytime I click it, it just says "repository selection changed, you must click reload etc" and I click reload, but I have no way to add additional sites of repositories.
I would appreciate the simplest way to install these audio plugins (hopefully I can just add Ubuntu repositories or something), but barring that, I would like to know that I can download .deb files and just install them myself, assuming they have their dependencies satisfied.
Thank you!