Hi all, lately I’ve purchased an Edimax EW-7711USn usb stick to use it with backtrack R2.
It has the Ralink RT2870/3070 chipset and airmon-ng recognized it at once (driver rt2800usb).
But when I tried to inject I had no luck!
Although the aireplay-ng test showed that injection was ok. (fig.1)
01_basic injection test_.jpg
The solution to injection came with installing compact-wireless-2.6 and following the aircrack-ng guide cause I’m kind of a noob… except from the compact-wireless drivers I had to install the 2 patches too so as to get it work. (everything explained well in the aircrack-ng guide)
The result was quite good but I only managed to inject packets using the fragmentation attack. I had a satisfactory rate of packets injected. (fig.2)
It didn’t work for the chopchop attack… maybe someone more experienced in this forum can explain this…
02_basic fragmentation test_.jpg
As far as everything else i think it’s a very good usb stick with good coverage (31 AP’s compared to 7 with my previous little but precious (using rt73usb driver) Belkin F5D7050) and works just fine with macchanger.