So now that I'm using a newer system, and is somewhat mine (it's REALLY my fiance's but when she's not using, I am).

It's a Gateway MX6440. Sadly, not at all listed in the HCL. There are some, but not this one. So I figured I'd take this opportunity to try BT2 on it and see how it goes.

The wireless card is a Broadcom 802.11g.

So I *KNOW* there are wireless networks around me, including mine. I also *KNOW* that at least 1 of them is working. I know this because I'm using it. In Window$, if I open up NetStumbler, it'll list off ~6 networks. Depending on where I am on the apartment.

So last night, I had kismet working, and it listed off a few networks. Not all of them, but some. Now this morning, nothing's listed. BT seems to detect the card no problem, in fact, the first command window that opens up when you start up kismet (in the GUI) lists the WLAN card as monitor. But for whatever reason, it doesn't pick up any networks.

I tried all the dummy things like making sure the wireless was turned on and rebooting. I even went for a walk with it, but nothing is being picked up.

IS there anyone who may be in a position to help me unerstand why this is? I mean, the networks are there, and kismet was working fine last night.

As far as I am aware (which is VERY acutely), nothing has been changed regarding the system. Nothing added nor removed.

So yeah... Any help/info would be GREATLY appreciated.


So I did a bit more research onlie to better determine the exactly which wireless card is in my system, and it appears as though it is a BCM 4318 which is listed in the HCL, although I am still experiencing the above mentioned issues.