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Thread: Exploitable Virtual Machines zum trainieren

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    Hier sammeln wir Links zu saemtlichen Wargame-LiveSystemen oder virtuellen Maschinen an denen man Angriffe ueben kann.

    Gilt fast schon als Standard in dem Bereich. Informationen findet man auch im MSFU-Kurs:

    Ansonsten gibt es noch eine umfangreiche Liste von g0tmilk:

    Eine vulnerable Image von der Uni Marburg welches hauptsaechlich Web-Schwachstellen hat. (thx2pigtail)

    Weitere Liste mit einigen interessanten Distributionen dafuer:


    I'd like to introduce hackxor, a webgoat-like hacking game with a plot
    and an emphasis on realism, difficulty and actually exploiting
    vulnerabilities. It uses the amazingly nifty HtmlUnit to simulate other
    users, so you can write your own XSS/CSRF payloads. While the complete
    version is a VM image that has to be downloaded&installed aka DVWA, the
    first two levels can be played online, as SourceForge is bravely hosting
    them at

    It contains XSS, CSRF, SQLi, ReDoS, DOR, command injection and plenty of
    other vulnerabilities that don't have succinct acronyms. Sadly, due to
    time constraints there aren't any timing or entropy attacks (although
    you'll have a self-inflicted time-limit if you mess up the ReDoS).
    Still, I think the later levels will be difficult enough for nearly
    everyone to have a challenge.
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