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Thread: Announcment - DerbyCon Training (Pure Hate!!)

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    Disclaimer - I am in no way associated or connected with DerbyCon

    I've been planning on attending DerbyCon ever since it's announcment last year and had decided to avoid the "Shmoocon ticketing goat rope" by signing up for the DerbyCon training, which includes admission to the con.

    I've been checking the DerbyCon site aperiodically to decide which course to take and lo-and-behold, this morning I finally saw the course listings. Much to my delighted surprise I spotted the course I'm going to take: Social-Engineering, CUDA Cracking, and PHUKD — OH MY. This class is taught in part by none other than purehate! I know now what I'll be doing Sep 30 - Oct 1 this fall.
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