Hello everyone!
-=Xploitz=- here with good news to everyone who is cheap like me. I just went to Frys electronics because I broke my WG111v2, and I noticed this ATHEROS chipped card for ONLY 25 bucks!! I read that the Airlink AWLC4030 was supported by madwifi so I took a leap of faith because of the atheros chipset...and what do you know...BINGO ..COMPLETE SUCCESS straight out of the box using BT2 FINAL!! I did lspci and it has the Atheros Communications Inc. AR5212 80.211abg chipset for ONLY 25 bucks!!! But I have a question about that...lspci says its a/b/g ...but the box says g/b .....so is it only b/g like the box says?? HHmmm.... Well...n-e-ways..I can Associate...Authenticate, frag attack..inject...chop chop..and surf the net with this card. Also injection speed out of the box is around 300 pps. I'm use to the WG111v2 power levels of 160 for my networks high...and this card says, via airodump, power is 60...so I guess its the same except that its minus 100 on power compared to the WG111v2 report of 160..And the range...well compared to the WG111v2...it seems to be quite futher...although I havent tried to wardrive with it yet. ...box says transmit power 12-15dBm @54/108Mbps and 18dBm @11 Mbps...Heres a link to the card to look at the specs...
But anyways...compared to my old Netgear WG111v2 USB..I like this one better. New commands to learn like wlanconfig ath0 destroy...wlanconfig ath0 create wlandev wifi0 wlanmode monitor...etc...but well worth the extra time to type this for only 25 bucks!!!

Just my little review of this awesome cheap Atheros chip card...2 thumbs up..and I think it has a MC connector under the hood...but I haven't had a chance to take it apart yet..which ill do real soon.