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Thread: Bash Script to automate WEP cracking

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    Default Bash Script to automate WEP cracking

    UPDATE: BashWEP v2.0

    I was fairly unhappy with the performance of the "WEP Buster" program in Backtrack 4, and although I am easily able to just type out the needed commands myself, I decided to write this script to automate the process. All you need to do is answer some questions at the beginning to set the variables and the rest is automatic. This script is pretty much idiot-proof, and it has never failed to crack a WEP access point for me. Although it is intended to be run in Backtrack 4, it will also run in Ubuntu if you have the aircrack-ng suite, drivers patched for injection, konsole, and macchanger installed.

    UPDATE: This attachment is OLD (v1.2 I believe), the newest version is at the link above.

    I call it BashWEP

    This is my first attempt at scripting, so the code may be a little crude, but I think I did a good job making it fairly sturdy. It evolved several times after testing it with my idiot friends. Any constructive comments or suggestions are appreciated.
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