I was not able to update using apt-get due to being behind a proxy. Fortunately other posts make quick work of this issue. I set ENV variables using the following type of code.

export http_proxy=http://userID:MyPass@proxy.domain.com:8088/
export ftp_proxy=http://userID:MyPass@ftp-proxy.domain.com/
I did notice the recommendations to put this code in the bash-rc file so that it doesn't have to be entered each time apt-get is to be run. I was looking for a way to avoid putting the proxy password in a clear-text file. This is my attempt to put this into action cleaving together information from various tutorials. I am not quite sure if I am trying illegal variable expansion to build up the "COMMAND" or if EXEC is not the correct function to call to execute dynamically created scripts.

COMMAND="export http_proxy=http://userID:$PASSWORD@proxy.domain.com:8088/"
Could a more experienced scripter assist?