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Thread: Quick question. Probly an easy solution

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    Default Quick question. Probly an easy solution

    Hi Im following this tutorial on how to hack into a windows xp machine using metasploit. Everything is working so far up till I get to this line of code located 5 minutes into the video tutorial:

    upload /pentest/windows-binaries/tools/plink.exe.... etc.

    An error keeps happening where it says it cant locate the pentest folder. There is probly something simple that I'm missing. Can anyone help?


    Im using backtrack 4 r2 running on vmware

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    Default Re: Quick question. Probly an easy solution

    Your missing the fact that 1 you don't know what you are doing, 2 you are blindly following some guide with no understanding of the background and underlying processes.
    It would do you well to learn how to navigate the directories in a linux shell. This is basic linux.
    To be successful here you should read all of the following.
    If you are new to Back|Track
    Back|Track Wiki
    Failure to do so will probably get your threads deleted or worse.

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