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Thread: bt nohotplug acpi=off

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    Unhappy bt nohotplug acpi=off

    bt acpi=off
    Hello...Here is my problem. I'm running a toshiba sattelite a135 that came with vista on it. When I run backtrack 2 final it boots and detects all my hardware including the wifi hardware and gets to this line...
    (CS: IO Port Probe 0X100-0X3af )and freezes.
    the only way I was able to bypass this was 'bt nohotplug' but then i'd get the flickering screen at startx

    during bootup:
    cs: IO port probe 0xc00-0xcff: excluding 0xc00-0xc07 0xc10-0xc17 0xc50-0xc57 0xc68-0xc6f 0xcd0-0xcdf
    cs: IO port probe 0x820-0x8ff: excluding 0x878-0x87f
    cs: IO port probe 0x3e0-0x4ff:

    'bt nohotplug acpi=off' failed to work

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    have you try "bt debug" ? will halt many times, leave you enter commands before continue booting for each state of initprocess....

    maybe try "bt irqpoll" may helps....

    hope helps
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