I've looked all of this forum, but didn't find any solutions to fix this.
So, I have a 3 hard drives, 250gb, 60 gb & 1tb.
The 1tb drive is divided for 2 partitions of 450 and 470 gb, and on one of them there is a Windows 7. I think, you understand, that you can't boot from a virtual partition, so I've had a Gentoo installed on a 60 gb drive with the Grub to manage my boot.
And now, I've launched the live version of bt-4-r2, passed the installation to the 60 gb hard drive with formatting them.
Everything've been OK, but when I've tried to boot from this 60gb hdd, I've seen the boot-loader screen, it's OK too, so I can boot the win7, BUT when I choose the Backtrack 4, there is an error, which I tried to fix all the yesterday and really don't know what to do now.
Need your help.
There is a photo to describe the errors and have more helping experiences.

Already thankyou.