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Thread: Technical Question About Crunch

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    Default Technical Question About Crunch

    Hello Everyone.

    I have read many pages about Crunch but none of them seem to address my question so I thought I would join the forum here and ask.

    This is not a simple question about Crunch, I would like to be able to pipe Crunch to Pyrit, which I have actually managed to do, but there is a twist.

    I have read many pages with instructions for Crunch but none of them show how I can make Crunch read from a supplied text list and mutilate it on the fly.

    I have many password lists that are all lowercase and I thought it would be a common feature to want to be able to do to be able to read from this lists and change all upper lower case versions while sending the output to Pyrit.

    I understand there is a –q option but this doesn’t seem to work for me. The Crunch page on sourceforge has very little information on it about actual usage.

    I also know to use the –u option on later builds of crunch.

    I cannot find any other pages asking this question, am I the only person needing this ?

    This is where I am up to at the moment.

    ./crunch | pyrit -r '/root/test-01.cap' -e test -i - attack_passthrough

    I know I would normally put characters after ./crunch like ….

    ./crunch 8 8 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz

    But that’s not what I am after really. I need it to change the case of any characters in the supplied word list.

    Any “Crunch Wizards” out there that know how to do this and feel like helping me out ? I seem to be going round and round with no one actually knowing how to do this.


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    Default Re: Technical Question About Crunch

    crunch won't change the case of any input. It will only reorganize it.

    I suggest looking for the wordlist manipulation thread on the forums here.
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    Default Re: Technical Question About Crunch

    @ OP,

    For what you want to do, you should look into the use of 'sed' or 'tr' for changing
    upper/lower case values of a wordlist you are piping through to whatever program.

    As for information on usage, if you googled crunch you would have found it, which
    you may have already, but I put up a blogpost a while ago on how to use crunch here .
    The post based on v2.4 and crunch has since gone through some changes, but the main basics are the same.
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