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Thread: BT won't boot, blank screen.

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    Default BT won't boot, blank screen.

    I searched and searched all over the internet on this, but to no avail.
    I've got three os on my laptop now, two distros of linux and xp so I have a pretty good understanding of installing things and want to replace one of linux with BT4.
    When loading it onto the usb with UNetBootin it will not boot, I've tried it with other programs to make a bootable usb but they all fall even shorter than UNet, even re-downloaded the .iso from here twice each for final and R2.
    Problem it does is after selecting the boot device it just goes to a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the top left that after a few seconds will move down to line2 and stay that way for as long as it sits.
    Sorry for the long and noobish first post, but I seemed to be able to find nothing about this on any linux forum and figured that I may as well post it in forums for the distro I'm trying.

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    Default Re: BT won't boot, blank screen.

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