Well I'm using BT2 and have been really into Linux for 2 weeks. I just couldn't make my dv5295ea connect to the net (neither with my ipw3945 card nor with the lan adapter) so I decided to try by VMWare using my winxp installation as the host os. I had tried that before and I had discussed it with some guy in the irc channel that when you try to boot it ends up with a "Kernel Panic - could not mount root fs" error. I just googled the whole thing and I found a way to solve it. VMWare uses /dev/hdx# to use the physical/virtual drives so if you have a scsi adapter and you installed from native environment (not virtual) the root should be on a /dev/sdx# drive.

The solution for this is:

When in the boot loader select the backtrack image and add
after the image name.

Example (in my case is):
BackTrack root=/dev/hdb4
This is my first post and English is not my mother tongue so I'm sorry for(/if there are any) grammar/syntax errors.