Hello everyone,

I'm attempting to find a theory of wireless authentication or prove it using Backtrack. Basically, I believe it should be possible to differentiate a signal based on the powerlevel received and reject based on that level. You can overpower a lower powered wifi network with a higher transmit level, but can you still only authenticate the lower powered network because that is the power level you've always received at?

The basic information

- 1 wireless receiver. 1 normal wireless transmitter, 1 attacker wireless transmitter.
- Normal wireless transmitter is low power and close to the receiver. It always stays within roughly the same powerlevel (and it's got low signal strength ~e.g. 40%)
- Attacker wireless transmitter that is further away but transmits at a MUCH higher power level, moreso than the normal tramsmitter (e.g. >60%)

- Normal wireless transmitter doesn't change the power level, and is always received at 35%-45%.
- Attacker can change but cannot be close to the normal wireless transmitter.
- Same channel.

Can it be possible to filter out the higher powered attacking instrument based on the power level received values?

Thank you for your time