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Thread: Intel GMA 4500MHD problem with graphics

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    Default Intel GMA 4500MHD problem with graphics

    Hi! i run backtrack 4 R2 on a core2duo T6600, 4gb ram, 320gb Hdd, and intel GMA 4500MHD graphic media accelerator. whenever i install compizconfig and try to add some effects the screen goes blank and that's it. i have to manually restart the system to work again. i get the same black screen whenever i reload the compiz window manager or open any game. i think the problem is with the the graphic drivers provided by default.
    can anyone pls tell me how to upgrade the graphic drivers for this GMA 4500MHD? i tried the intel site but it's only for geeks... and it warns me of damaging the distro if the kernel is upgraded. is there a simple method of getting this done?? thanks for the help..

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    Default Re: Intel GMA 4500MHD problem with graphics

    Backtrack wasn't made for such things, there is an official guide on how to install compiz on it, as for the games if you really want them get a different OS.
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