So I'm using this tutorial to crack WEP:!5305094/how-...with-backtrack
I get everything going just like the screenshots say and I get associated with the other network. Then I start collecting packets to wep-01.cap and all is going well, and I get 30,000 packets, which is well beyond the required amount. I'm ready for the final step and I type this is: aircrack-ng -b (bssid) wep-01.cap

This is the output:
Opening filename-01.cap
Attack will be restarted every 5000 captured IVs
Starting PTW attack with 22 ivs.
(it starts to try and crack it)
Failed. Next try with 5000 IVs.

22 IVs? What the heck? I have 30,000 packets and only 22 IVs? The guy in the tutorial has nearly a hundred thousand. So what am I doing wrong? Does my wireless card not collect IVs? It's an older broadcom card, but nothing goes wrong up until the last part. I've tried this for weeks and still have no WEP crack. Please help.