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Thread: erro no SVN do METASPLOIT

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    Post erro no SVN do METASPLOIT

    OLA galera estou com um probleminhas aqui e nao estou conseguindo resolve.. já procurei pela net a nao consegui... sou iniciante no Metasploit..

    quando tento atualizar vem o seguinte erro...

    [*][*] Attempting to update the Metasploit Framework...[*]
    Restaurado 'external\source\vncdll\winvnc\libjpeg\change.log'
    Restaurado 'external\source\meterpreter\source\jpeg-8\change.log'
    U    lib\rbmysql\protocol.rb
    U    lib\msf\core\exploit\mysql.rb
    U    lib\msf\core\exploit\smb.rb
    A    modules\post\windows\escalate\net_runtime_modify.rb
    U    modules\auxiliary\scanner\http\jboss_vulnscan.rb
    A    modules\exploits\windows\mysql\mysql_payload.rb
    U    modules\payloads\singles\windows\messagebox.rb
    svn: Checksum mismatch while updating 'data\meterpreter\ext_server_stdapi.php';
    expected: 'e4eb7ca83259bf272f447565df23bb3d', actual: 'a7217d77139949ea0d56a8625166de7a'
    [*] Please hit enter to exit
    se alguem conseguir me ajudar fico graro

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    Default Re: erro no SVN do METASPLOIT

    remove o diretório do metasploit e baixe novamente
    "If you aim the gun at your foot and pull the trigger, it's
    UNIX's job to ensure reliable delivery of the bullet to
    where you aimed the gun (in this case, Mr. Foot)."

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    Default Re: erro no SVN do METASPLOIT

    ai valeu vou tentar se rolar posto aki para encerrar topico....

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