I am currently visiting my parents who have a verizon mobile hotspot. The only problem is that they only get 5GB of data a month...otherwise it is a fast connetion. I also have my phone set up to tether; it is reasonably fast and I have an unlimited amount of data usage, so I figured rather than eat up all of their data I will just tether to my phone. Tethering works fine in Windows but I cannot seem to get the connection to stick in Backtrack. I am using the Awus036h and I know it isn't the chipset becuase it connects fine to every other network in Backtrack.

What happens is I will get a connection at first and be able to surf the internet for an indefinite period of time(usually no more than 5 minutes) and then the connection is dropped. I am sitting about 10 feet away from my phone(the ap) when I connect. Is there a trick to setting up a wireless tethering connection in backtrack? I know that this probably isn't the preferred method of connection among most people who use the OS but it happens to be the most convenient for me at the moment.

Just thought I would share a little more information that might be helpful:
Phone: Droid X
Rom: Darkslide 4.2
Kernel Version:
Encryption: WPA/WPA-2 PSK
Set to run on Freq Channels 1-11
^I actually read an article where someone was having problems connecting in Ubuntu on Channel 11 but was fine on Channel 1. I tried this but it didn't do anything for me.

Thanks in advance for any help.