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    Booted BT4r2 usb stick, started X, ran, after creating ext3fs on sdb1 (the target for the install). Manual partition setup, specified sdb1 for root and sdb3 for swap (already a swap partition for Arch Linux that boots on sda.) Ended up with this:

    The installer needs to commit changes to partition tables,
    but cannot do so because partitions on the following mount
    points could not be unmounted:


    Please close any applications using these mount points.

    Would you like the installer to try to unmount these partitions again?

    Really? Commit what changes? I did not change the partitions at all, I just set sdb1 to be the root, "/", for this install. Also, unchecked install boot loader, as I'll just point the grub config on sda to boot sdb1 when "Backtrack" is selected in the grub boot menu.

    I've a backup plan that will work, as it involves using Arch Linux, dd and a GBit connection and not ubiquity, however, I'm curious why no changes to the partition table have to be commited and why cdrom0 has anything to do with it? I checked mount in a terminal and found references to sda and hda, but no sdb's anywhere, and that's the only HD that should have been touched at all.

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    Did you try to boot and install from your ORIGINAL bootable Live USB (UNetbootin-BackTrack ISO)?

    I had a very similar problem where it seemed I could not install BT4 from an INSTALL of BT4, if you know what I mean. It had to be from the ORIGINAL bootable Live USB (UNetbootin-BackTrack ISO).

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    That was it. I just did an install on my new work issued laptop and I had problems again, but installing from a DVD (with BT4, R2) went smooth. Did notice one thing, the installer used ALL swap partitions on the target system, but I only specified one. Not a big deal, but not expected behavior.

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