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Thread: Installation Virtualbox on backtrack4

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    Default Installation Virtualbox on backtrack4

    At first sorry for my english.
    I have a problem. I want to install virtualbox on the backtracku 4

    i go to page and there is no version for backtrack but I know that bactrack4 is based on debian.
    ps. My kernel version is
    no, and I have a dilemma because I do not know which to download. So I found another way.
    In backtracku found such a program already installed the "add / remove - package manager" so I entered it, and I found virtualbox and installed. (I do not know what version installed.)
    The success-I have virtualbox, run, create a new vitual space everything set up and start, and confusion!
    such as the screenshot
    I tried something like this
    I admit that I'm fine with Linux and do not really even know how to manually install the packages but I'll be fine. poradźcie just what to do, what install, what versions of VirtualBox install.
    Thanks in advance

    such a thing jumped

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    Default Re: Installation Virtualbox on backtrack4

    I found within a link in some download file browsing their distros. I dont see Intrepid posted on their site anymore in the newer versions. It seems like they stopped updating for Intrepid or something. I have tried manually installing other versions and had no luck.

    I am using this one and it is fine.


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    Default Re: Installation Virtualbox on backtrack4

    Ubuntu 8.04 LTS ("Hardy Heron")
    don't worry about me I am msfconsole retarded

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    Default Re: Installation Virtualbox on backtrack4

    Take the latest one .deb and install it.
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    Default Re: Installation Virtualbox on backtrack4


    For intallation of virtualbox, i use these commands.

    root@bt # echo “deb intrepid non-free” >> /etc/apt/sources.list

    root@bt # wget -q O- | sudo apt-key add -

    root@bt # apt-get update

    root@bt # apt-cache search virtualbox

    root@bt # apt-get install virtualbox-3.1

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