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Thread: Installing Backtrack Onto HD

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    Smile Installing Backtrack Onto HD

    Hi, first af all I would like to say Hi to everyone around here

    I have been trying to install Backtrack onto my H.D. hoping to run it as the only O.S on my laptop...

    The thing is, as a Live CD I can load backtrack, get my ipw3495 based wifi card up and running,etc ... This is what encouraged me to install it, the fact that nearly everything worked fine...

    The thing is:

    - I formatted my hard drive and left it with this look { cfdisk /dev/hda } :

    Name Flags Part Type FS Type [Label] Size (MB)
    hda1 Primary Linux ext2 79168.32
    hda2 Primary Linux swap 855.43

    - I ran the BackTrack Installer with the following parameters:

    Source: /boot
    Install BackTrack To: /mnt/hda1
    Write MBR To: /dev/hda And I think I probably tried some other options too

    The thing is that the installation always worked right... but at the time I reboot my laptop I see a black screen running some sort of Broadcom Application and it says something like this:

    PXE-M0F53: No Boot Filename Received
    Exiting Broadcom PXE ROM
    Operating System Not Found

    This is driving me crazy, at the moment I can only use my laptop through a Live CD

    Does anybody know if I've done something wrong or the posible solution to it??

    Thank you all so much for sharing your time, cheers

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    Are you using one of the many tutorials? Perhaps you're missing an important step.

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    looks like is atempting network boot (PXE)
    not normal .... have you check md5 of iso ?, connect usb devices after boot will help maybe

    you can also try an recover command with acronis partition or ER6 or anything else who can do good recovery jobs

    by the way BT is not designed to be your only os, but to be a live cd ,you will miss many things comparing with a "major distrib" why not have double boot ubuntu linux and BT ? i have tri boot so no pb lol (BT,UBUNTU 7, XP)
    Watch your back, your packetz will belong to me soon... xD

    BackTrack :
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    Default hi

    Source: /boot

    leave that options blank, thats what i did.

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    AWESOME !!! libchk just tried what you said and it has perfectly booted!!! Thank you so much, I was loosing my faith

    Thanks go to shamanvirtuel and theprez89 for simply bothering about my trouble

    Someday I'll be able to help you too, thanks again!!!

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