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Thread: BT Installer = broken compy.

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    Default BT Installer = broken compy.

    Alright, you're going to think I'm an idiot.

    I was using the live disk today, and decided I'd try to install BT to my usb drive. Then, when I went to test it out, it turns out that my flash drive doesn't allow booting. (Yeah, I know. Should have checked first.)

    So I tried to boot up windows again (boo!) and I got L 01 01 01 01 01 01 etc. Which is, apparently, a LILO problem. So it seems that the installer changed something on my hdd as well as xcopying the files to the usb drive.

    Now I'm stuck with a lappy that won't boot, so I can't access the hard drive.


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    yes you have probably let the mbr installing on ur hdrive
    you should try with a windows diskette or usb boot disk to go to "recovery console" and type fixmbr.. that willl work
    next time be sure to write ur mbr to the usbkey(select the right part,something like "sdb1_removable" form me

    hope helps
    ps you can just boot BT from cd and go into your usbkey and run /boot/ RUN IT FROM UR USBKEY.... will install mbr on usb....
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