First of all, I think Backtrack is an amazing tool! I'm an avid *nix user and this is the coolest distro out there.

I just got a reasonably powerful G5 iMac (white, clear shell, isight) and I'm trying to setup a BT4 virtual machine in Q, the mac port of the qemu emulator. I've gotten it to work before with an earlier version of BT on an older powerbook G4.

I started with booting up from the bt4-r2.iso as the cd, I select 'Start Backtrack Framebuffer (1024x768)'. It gets to the console screen with the BT4 logo at the top, says 'Loading, Please Wait...' and does nothing else. So, I attempted booting Forensics mode, and I found it hangs on this line:
aufs 2-standalone.tree-35-20100823
I searched these forums as well as other linux forums but didn't come up with anything. Does anybody know what this means? Has anyone else tried using backtrack with Q? Any help would be appreciated!