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Thread: Ippon/ ubigraph problem

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    Default Ippon/ ubigraph problem

    Hi all, its been a while.

    Anyway Im having a bit of trouble with the ippon app in case know one knows this tool its an mitm software update injector. I have it installed as follows:

    [~]$ wget
    [~]$ unzip && cd IPPON

    Then downloaded and applied the patch:

    [~/IPPON]$ patch -p1 < ippon-rtap-fix.diff
    patching file
    patching file targets.xml

    Then you need the - UbiGraph-alpha-0.2.4-Linux32-Ubuntu-8.04.tgz file

    Once downloaded:

    [~/IPPON]$ tar -zxvf ./UbiGraph-alpha-0.2.4-Linux32-Ubuntu-8.04.tgz

    Then run the following command to check the gui works but get the following error:

    [~/IPPON]$ ./UbiGraph-alpha-0.2.4-Linux32-Ubuntu-8.04/bin/ubigraph_server &

    /IPPON# ./UbiGraph-alpha-0.2.4-Linux32-Ubuntu-8.04/bin/ubigraph_server: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.

    I have a copy of the file downloaded but no idea where it goes /usr/lib?

    Thanks in advance


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    Default 回复: Ippon/ ubigraph problem

    try this
    apt-get install freeglut3
    This will work on an ubuntu machine. Not sure if it is in the backtrack repositories.

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    Default Re: 回复: Ippon/ ubigraph problem

    Your a star my friend got the gui working sweet. worked flawless.

    regards Dee

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