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Thread: Meterpreter scripts

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    Default Meterpreter scripts


    I was wondering if there was anywhere that had a list of meterpreter scripts and what they all do. I have looked here:

    But i am convinced there are more!

    Thanks a lot!

    (This is mainly because i want to make a script, but i want to see if there is one that is similar before hand)

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    Default Re: Meterpreter scripts

    I know you're looking for a list and the first link below may provide you with that.. but I also thought you might find the second this link handy if you dont already have it;



    I do believe from with-in the tool you can obtain a list of scripts and with-in each script (most times) should contain details as to it's purpose.
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    Default Re: Meterpreter scripts

    Lol did you not see the link i posted in the OP!

    Any idea where i could find out the command to show the scripts? I have looked everywhere; although i just though they might be saved in the msf files....


    You can see the scripts here:


    But it isn't that helpful, it would still be really useful to get a summary of what they all do
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