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Thread: Dual boot Windows/BT issues

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    Default Dual boot Windows/BT issues

    I have done a couple of dual boot Windows/BackTrack installations before, never really had any serious issues. But I have a bit of a problem now and am not sure what the cause would be. This is what my lilo.conf file looks like...

    #Windows bootable partition config begins
    other = /dev/hda1
    label = Windows
    table = /dev/hda
    #Windows bootable partition config ends
    #Linux bootable partition config begins
    image = /boot/vmlinuz
    root = current
    label = BackTrack
    #Linux bootable partition config end

    Now the problem I am having is BackTrack boots just fine, Windows does not. It just hangs at the lilo screen when attempting to launch Windows. After I edit the lilo.conf file and run lilo to install, it detects the Windows partition with an asterix beside the lable (Windows *).

    Any help or insight to my issue would be appreciated.


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    If you have partitions the same like your previous dual boot installations
    e.g. windows first bt second , the easiest way would be probably to
    1.fix mbr with Windows CD (then you have Windows boot only, but still BT partitions )
    2. rewrite mbr lilo over win from BT CD ( then you have dual boot hopefully ).

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    yes surely
    recuperation console or install cd will do the job
    when in console type fixmbr >> it will overwrite lilo's mbr and install standard windows mbr
    reboot on a BT cd or usb and install lilo to mbr >>> liloconfig>>>new one>>add windows part with your good partition settings >> add linux part with root=bt partition (and not current) >>> install lilo >>> reboot

    normally will do the job.... or try with grub, you can install it from a floppy or a usb boot device.....
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