I have run some (clientless) WEP cracking successfully on my own home network. As I'm situated out in the woods and don't have many devices, it's fairly close to a clean-room for running aircrack. Having done that, I thought it time to move up to a similar, but slightly more complex situation. So, I brought my laptop out to my gf's place to try her network. She lives in a neighborhood with roughly six different wifi networks of varying strength running. I get as far as running the frag attack portion of the procedure, when something bizarre begins to happen in airodump. All traffic stops moments into listening for a packet, then all APs just drop from airodump. Her laptop, meanwhile, can still communicate just fine. I'm completely baffled. I assume that my card isn't receiving anything anymore, because this has happened multiple times, and it makes no sense why all traffic would cease on different networks all at once. The card, itself, seems to work just fine, as my other partition has no issues with running it, and I was able to successfully go through a clientless WEP attack on this network, so whatever the difference has to be with the different situation.

FWIW, my pattern:
airodump (get the collection started as early as possible and useful for getting the AP's MAC)
aireplay -1 (fake auth)
aireplay -5 (frag) (airodump stops reading packets at the start of this, and aireplay reads only a few hundred packets before also freezing its count)
aireplay -2 (replay the forged packed)

Update: Moving about with the laptop seems to get things going again. But, it eventually stops if I stay still. Again, iit's only happening here.