Simple question which I cannot find an answer:

I have downloaded VirtualBox_-_BackTrack-4_VDI-[VirtualBoxImages.rar
I'd like to run BackTrack on my Windows system in the background while I run do normal work on Windows.
I'd like BackTrack (Ubuntu) to directly access the USB WiFi card I have attached to my system. In other words I do NOT want to go through a virtual connection because that would defeat the entire purpose of BackTrack.
VirtualBox is set up with a USB Device Filter (Settings --> USB --> USB Device Filters) to connect the USB WiFi card directly to BT4 (it does not appear in Windows).
When I boot and type ifconfig I ONLY see an lo network connection
When I type iwconfig I only get "no wireless connections"

My questions:
Can the USB WiFi adapter be directly connected to BackTrack (Ubuntu) in VirtualBox so that the Linux drivers are used to control the USB WiFi adapter?
How do I check to see if I am either missing the USB WiFi driver or not mounting something correctly?
Does VirtualBox even support such functionality? Should I use VMWare instead of VirtualBox?

Is this possible? I've seen some postings saying yes and some saying no. Virtual Internet connection is useless for this application.

Can you please tell me the Linux commands to make this happen? I need some pretty basic commands starting from the Linux prompt after entering the username and password (I get that far)

I have spent literally hours looking for answers to these questions. Too many times I have seen answers like "search the forums". My response is "I ALREADY HAVE - HELP ME PLEASE!!" What is the point of this kind of answer? If you are going to go to the trouble of responding at least please share your knowledge! These are probably questions which most Windows users are going to have trying out BT4. By answering my questions you will provide answers to many people who come after me. And hopefully the key words I have used in the title will attract many others to read this post when searching for help.

If you take the time to help you have my promised: I will definitely post my solution for everybody else to read (if I ever come up with a solution)! THANKS!!!