I have bt4 installed on one of my three internals hd's. the disk is bt4 only.
I also have a made a live dvd.

The thing is.... I can only boot bt from cd (external cd/dvd w.usb)since in bios, after installing bt, the drive cant be seen.
I dont have an internal cd/dvd player
My problem is that the wordlist needed are to big for the HD so I wrote them to a dvd. When I am in BT I cant unmount the live dvd it is not by HAL it says???
I have tried to give the path to the other HD (windows) in which I have the wordlists. Doesn't exist it says.

1.How do I make BIOS see the hard drive with BT4?
SO I dont have to use my external dvdplayer

2. In windows..my usb wifi antenna (Airlive WL1600) sees more connections than in BT4
What am I missing?
3.What am I doing wrong?