Hi guys,

I'm trying to install BT4 R2 on a Raon Everum UMPC. Here are UMPC specs:

After installing the image into a USB and installing BT4 on the HD, I get almost everything working fine except for my Wifi Card. I came across this at UMPCPORTAL with someone trying to install Debian on it but it is quite outdated.
What I've seeing so far is that the libertas driver supports Marvell SD8686 but not SDIO, it seems that you can use firmware 8.73.7.p3 from Marvell but I could not find it.
Also, libertas drivers modules seems to come installed already on BT4 Kernel (not 100% sure!) but being a totally newbie I would like if someone could send me specific instructions on how to install it and get it working!

Any help?!?