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Thread: New Ghost Phisher (Fake DNS, Fake HTTP e.t.c)

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    Default Re: New Ghost Phisher (Fake DNS, Fake HTTP e.t.c)

    Quote Originally Posted by intertan View Post
    any fix for the netbook screen size issue yet?

    So I have a question since I am using a netbook so I haven't been able to try it out to much.

    So I setup a fake page aka facebook, the victim loads it up types in his username/password then clicks log in. After that click what happens?

    I am not expecting it to actually log in.
    Im reducing the height of the program..., Hope that fits to the netbook resolution

    When that happeneds... The program catches the login credentials and stores them to the database where you can access from the "harvested credential" section... then if the original ip address of the cloned website was added, then the test computer gets redirected to the original website....
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    Default Re: New Ghost Phisher (Fake DNS, Fake HTTP e.t.c)

    Why not add this to your code
    import gtk, pygtk
    window = gtk.Window()
    screen = window.get_screen()
    print "width = " + str(screen.get_width()) + ", height = " + str(screen.get_height())
    Then make your window use the detected size?

    Just a thought :-)

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