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Thread: New Ghost Phisher (Fake DNS, Fake HTTP e.t.c)

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    Default New Ghost Phisher (Fake DNS, Fake HTTP e.t.c)

    New Version : 1.1
    ( Fake Access Point added to new version )

    Hello every one, for some couple of weeks from now, I have been working on the development of an application that could emulate network services that could be used individually for normal network servicing and also attacks. Its called GHOST PHISHER, the application comes inbuilt with a Fake DNS Sserver, Fake DHCP Server, Fake HTTP server and also has an intergrated area for automatic capture and logging of http form method credentials to a database. The program could be used as an honey pot , could be used to service DHCP request , DNS requests or phishing attacks

    Fake access point:

    Client gets connected to fake access point:

    There shows our HTTP server, with a downloaded webpage intended to be faked:

    Since our victim has our fake DHCP server address ,therefore he gets directed to our fake http server:

    Immediately the user presses the login button, the credentials are automatically captured and logged to the database, which is shown immediately on the credential harverster tab
    Other images could not be posted because backtrack forums accepts only 4 images on a post.
    Checkout the google code page for more explanatory screenshots

    I basically finished the program 2 weeks ago, but for the last 1 week , My friend Lee Baird aka Lee Rock, has been helping me in testing the program to perfect its functionality.Special thanks also to Chris Ondrovic for his wonderful supports through my projects
    The Http server spews out some exceptions which are generally raised from the pythons HTTP module and not the program, the functionality is not affected by those exceptions

    The program could be downloaded at :

    The program’s source code could be gotten via svn:

    svn checkout
    or if you want to view it from http, then here's the link:
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