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Thread: Non Priv User-Internet Access

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    Unhappy Non Priv User-Internet Access

    Hi All,

    I followed the tut lupin gave with regards to creating a non root user in backtrack (like to mention great tut lupin!).

    Now everything seems to be fine until i try to use the internet or anything other than LAN.

    I can see the entire LAN, i use a router with built-in firewall/ISP gateway. The router has a GUI for admin of the normal type of stuff WIFI config,Lan config, security etc etc. It has its own diagnostic type tools as well. This includes a PING function.

    If i ping something for instance like from a shell i get fails, if i navigate to the GUI and use the ping function on there it responds every time.

    If i login with my root account i can use the net like normal.

    I’m rather confused, can anyone shed some light?

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    Default Re: Non Priv User-Internet Access

    I suggest you stick to root, Backtrack was meant to be run as root and nothing else. Creating an unprivileged user can cause such issues.
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    Default Re: Non Priv User-Internet Access

    I have been using various editions of BackTrack 4 as an unprivileged user ever since BT4 Beta was released, and I have never had any issues with using networking as an unprivileged user. You just need to make sure the appropriate configuration commands are run as root using sudo or equivalent.

    OP, can you list the steps you take to configure networking when logged on as an unprivileged user? Also list the contents of your /etc/resolv.conf file, the output from the route command and the output of ifconfig. Also specify which interface you are using in case it is not obvious.

    Are you using Wireless networking, configured by wicd? If so you should make sure it is running as root.
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