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Thread: Howto Setup Easy VPN Connection ?

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    Default Howto Setup Easy VPN Connection ?


    i installed BT R2, after that i installed KVpnc.

    i sat up my connection and connected to the server VyperVPN Giganews Server(pptp) and it works, BUT:
    no traffic is routed via this VPN. i still have my IP when i search the web which should be the IP which i get from the GigaNews VyprVPN Service.

    it should be like: connect to vyprVPN, and from this point of time, until i drop this connection everything should be routet through the ViperVPN Network.

    my local lan is:
    my device is ppp0
    VyprVPN gives me an local ip: 192.168.35.x
    VypVPN has a public ip in this range: 69.80.99.x

    so what exactly should i do to get all traffic routet through the VPN ?

    Thx for your help.

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    Default Re: Howto Setup Easy VPN Connection ?

    Change the default route.
    Or just try it by adding a route for one specific website to go through the VPN tunnel like and check if it is working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KMDave View Post
    Change the default route
    tried that but it doesnt work, whats the correct command for that ?

    route add default dev ppp0 should make it or not ?

    hmm it seems to be a problem with kvpnc, do you have some GUI powered VPN Client Software which you suggest ?

    every howto is refering to use the Network Manager, but i hardly cant find any network manager in BT, iam blind or what ?
    i just want a GUI to setup a VPN connection, is that so hard to archive ? it seems to be.

    i apt-get installed openvpn gui but cant find it/get it to work. network manager is not where it should be, wicd is useless for vpn....this REALY suxx.

    after 2 days still has nobody a clue how to setup a working VPN connection ?
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    Default Re: Howto Setup Easy VPN Connection ?

    What is this? Free usenet?

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    Default Re: Howto Setup Easy VPN Connection ?

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