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Thread: Unable to inject with AWUS036NH properly!?

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    Default Unable to inject with AWUS036NH properly!?

    I recently ordered an alfa AWUS036NH because of the good reviews and the supposed compatibility with backtrack, however using gerix-wifi-cracker to test and everything is fine until I try the actual attack itself. Both fragmentation and chop chop both say something to the effect of

    "received deauthentication packet"
    "not enough acks"
    "trying NULL packet"

    but the attack never actually succeeds

    I also have the AWUS036H version (without the N) this dongle injects perfectly

    the AWUS036H uses rtl8187 driver
    the AWUS036NH uses rl2800usb

    I would really like to use the other dongle as its also N band

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    Default Re: Unable to inject with AWUS036NH properly!?

    I haven't been following the N doggle by alfa very closely but i remember last time i looked into it the drivers were still flakey at best.

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