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Thread: BT4 and ndiswrapper issues

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    Default BT4 and ndiswrapper issues

    im trying to get my usb wifi working with bt4 via ndiswrapper (following a tute for my specific card and Ubuntu

    most has 'seemed' to work..
    ndiswrapper installed fine, ndiswrapper -v gives me all the right info...
    ndiswrapper -l tells me I have my driver installed and the device is present...
    ndiswrapper -m tells me the alias is being added and any time i rerun the command I get told the alias is already added...

    yet when I run iwconfig I dont see my alias listed, only lo & eth0. The blue light on the stick is blinking, bt4 is telling me its there and working, but I cant get the damn wlan0 to appear in any listings

    ive tried a few reboots and rerunning modprobe ndiswrapper but I get the same...

    any help appreciated

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    Default Re: BT4 and ndiswrapper issues

    Please post the output of the commands you have supplied. This will help us. However please note that there is generally not a lot we can do in regards to cards that use ndiswrapper. It would do you good to buy a supported card based on the wiki.
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