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Thread: Wifi problems

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    Default Wifi problems

    Hi, I seem to be having a problem! When I first boot bt up the wifi seems to connect fine the for no reason it will disconnect! And it's a right pain to get back online anyone know what's causing this?

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    Default Re: Wifi problems

    I am having the same problem. In the middle of a attack my connection go's down. So i open wicd and reconnect but i loose my work. It has been a huge problem. I tried reinstalling the rt2800usb driver with patch with no change.

    driver = rt2800usb with patch
    adapter = alfa awus036nh
    inerface = wlan0

    all commands work

    ifconfig wlan0 up
    sudo start-network

    i think i got everything if more info is needing please ask. thank you
    for some reason the connection is lost after a random amount of time

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    Question Re: Wifi problems

    ok hopefully im posting this properly, dont usually use forums. anyways, here is the issue at hand...i boot bt4 live from usb, have a broadcom sta wireless adapter and it seems to be properly installed, however when i try to connect to my network which has a wep hex key it seems to be getting hung up on acquiring the network ip address. when i do the iwlist eth1 scan the network shows up...i'm sure im overlooking something simple.if you need more specifics please let me know. i tried searching the threads but couldnt really find anything that relates to this issue, so if someone has some advice that would be great, thanks!

    rebooted bt4 and it worked.haha.
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