So I just bought the Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW because it seems to have unanimous support by everyone on HF.

Here's my problem - I can't get an internet connection on any access point but mine (Wireless_N on the screenshot below).

I've tried with both Win7 and BT4R2. I can connect to my access point (Wireless_N), but if I try to connect to any other access point (that totally doesn't belong to my neighbors and belongs to me because I'm not trying to steal their internet connection because that's illegal and I would never do such a thing), I can associate with the access point but I cannot connect to the internet. I've tried on both Backtrack 4 R2 and Win7.

Also, I've captured the WPA handshakes of both "belkin.3df3" and "belkin.3393" and haven't been able to crack either, despite trying them against a 2GB wordlist. These routers of course belong to me and not to my neighbors because I am trying to crack them for legal purposes and certainly not to steal internet.

Really though, does anyone know the problem? Does this adapter just pick up so many access points that the packets are getting lost before they reach the access point I'm associated with?