Good Morning/Evening all,

I attend a lot of WebEx's quiet regularly but at the current point in time the only way that I can do them is by Virtualizing a Windows PC using VMWare on my BT4 R2 box. To this date, after scanning google and the forums trying to find a native way to stream these WebEx seminars through VLC running on my BackTrack box, I have failed to come up with a solution.

The file format that is used is .UCF or "Universal Communications Format".

Are there any linux based applications that will allow me to stream these WebEx seminars on BackTrack 4 and if so, what application do I need to get?

Help would be appreciated as it'll be ideal to get rid of the V-Box and run everything natively through BT4.
Through the WebEx login portal, It says I need the below applications (On a windows PC) - Windows Media Player 9.0 or above, and/or Quicktime 7.0 + Adobe. Running the tests, adobe is 100% operational, but when I test the WMP9.0 or Quicktime 7.0 links to confirm I have the required files, it asks to install addons, but fails to find any.

Any advice on this topic would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,