Currently my default option for unetbootin is not set to the persistent changes. The persistent changes option works fine, but I cannot change the default in the unetbootin menu.

I have tried:
on the fat32 partition editing the menu.lst in the /boot/grub/ folder.

Also, on the ext3 partition I edited that menu.lst file in /boot/grub/

The changes that I made are saved every time I boot up or double check the settings, but the unetbootin default will not go to the "persistent live cd" option.

Also, upon booting up to the unetbootin menu, I have pressed tab to edit the default options, but when I change the default options to match the persistent options, it never saves these changes.

Note, I changed the default # to "4", assuming the first option is a 0, then 1,...

As always, any help would be nice. Thanks.