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Thread: How to get a compatible USB GPS to work with Kismet.

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    Default Re: How to get a compatible USB GPS to work with Kismet.

    Thanks Barry & Pureh@te,
    Hope this thread is not going off-topic, I think still relevant enough to carry on though

    I used kismet just a couple of weeks ago as well on a quick drive, with gpsd (usb gps)
    and have no issues with that at all, works fine, just seeing that the latest kismet can work
    without needing gpsd, it seemed a good thing to try.

    When trying to remove kismet, it advised that kisgearth depends on kismet and aborted, so
    thats why I didnt really want to force my way through that without knowing whether it might
    break anything.

    In any case I assume the latest version will be in BT5, so shouldn't have to wait toooo long before seeing it
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