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Thread: Bluetooth hacking - help

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    Default Bluetooth hacking - help

    Hello fellow backtrackers.

    I'm a little new to Backtrack, and for the last couple of weeks i've been successfully working with hacking WPA and WEP.

    Now i've come to Bluetooth hacking, as i think this is interesting.

    I've been working with it and been watching and reading different guides/tutorials, but it seems to me that those are slightly to old
    to be usefull today.

    No matter what i try with etc. Bluesnarfer, i cant seem to bypass the "paring screen" on the phone.

    Im pretty sure this is possible, though many of you might want to keep the secret to yourself.

    I hope theres a friendly soul out there who might want to help me increase my knowledge.
    and ofcourse your methods stays with me, im not some noob who is going to publish it with a youtube video or something.

    Peace out


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    Default Re: Bluetooth hacking - help

    Do you have an understanding of how BlueTooth works? Can you go into some detail about the guides you have followed and where you ran into problems?
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