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Thread: Changing Resolution and Installing ATI drivers

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    Default Changing Resolution and Installing ATI drivers

    Hi all,
    I'm attempting a permanent install on my laptop (an Aspire3820TG) with an ATI 5470. I can boot and get a desktop at 1024x768 but I can't get the resolution up to 1366x768. (Worked fine on Ubuntu 10.10) I attempted to install the ATI (11.1) driver but afterwards I just get errors.
    I've tried:
    aticonfig --initial=check which is good but then when I try
    it just gives a black screen with an underscore at the top left, the last of the terminal output mentions error with "OggS-SEEK" and "diff-requested" and if I exit X with clrt+alt+backspace it mentions a bunch of warnings with "ARTS"
    So I ran...

    and I can't get x to start. It just gives errors about no screens found and "(EE) No devices detected" . Attached are some logs from after everything including my modified xorg.conf. Any suggestions?
    File allegati File allegati

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