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Thread: wireless adapter complications

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    Default wireless adapter complications

    made a post earlier but i must have done something wrong becasue it didnt post. but anyways my problem is with my wireless usb adapter.. it is a gsky link model number gs-27usb. I am running backtrack 4r2 on a flash drive. The issue i am having is my laptop has a built in wireless card which is an atheros and is running with the ath5k driver. this is what i found according to says
    wlan1 atheros ath5k [phy1]
    wlano rtl8187 8187 - [phy30]
    when i go to wicd to view the networks it use to tell me the networks around my area but i tried some blacklisting cmds that i found and when i restarted it no longer shows when it did i know it was using my onboard adapter because if i unplugged my usb adapter and refreshed the networks the signals would i dont know if i messed somthing up or not but i definetley need some advice. Thanks -ryan-

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    Default Re: wireless adapter complications

    Please read :

    You have a chance to ask the question properly.

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