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Thread: Dell studio 1555 compatiblity while inyecting/monitoring

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    Question Dell studio 1555 compatiblity while inyecting/monitoring

    Hey guys! this is my very first post...
    well, i've downloaded backtrack 4 r2 ... AND I ****ING LOVE IT!!!
    Using a LiveCD I've succesfully decrypted a WEP password that had a client (my cousin's notebook lol), now im trying to generate traffic so I can decrypt it without a client, but I apparently cant, it says connection succesfull and then it starts reading packages but the Data recieve speed is the same...
    I used the following command
    aireplay-ng -b (here the victim's mac) -h (here my mac) mon0
    i dont know if it's because the command is wrong, or because my wireless chip cant generate and inyect traffic, please help me

    My wireless chip is a Dell 1397 WLAN mini-card

    Best Regards, Max.

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    Default Re: Dell studio 1555 compatiblity while inyecting/monitoring

    Topic covered thread closed.
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