I've noticed that people are often asking questions here which are either answered already, show that they have no knowledge or just lack the information to give a useful answer.

Asking questions already answered (sometimes many times) will result in a closed topic and maybe an infraction.

Showing that one has no knowledge isn't too bad basically. We all have been there. But before asking a question consider that noone might feel to explain how to check if your wireless card is being installed, how VMs work and so on.

As asking questions, give us all the details needed in order to get any useful answer.
Asking questions without giving details will result in closed threads in the future.

Asking the totally wrong way:
Hey guys, my wireless isn't working, what's wrong with it?

Asking the wrong way:
Hey guys, I've searched a lot and tried stuff but my wireless isn't working in my VM.

Asking the correct way:
Hey guys, I've got a <xyz> adapter. I've searched but still couldn't figure out how to get it working. I've got the VM Ware image running. My card is showing up under iwconfig but <name of the command> gives me the output : <output of the command>

This also goes for other questions, not only the wireless related ones