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Thread: need some help with cuda and pyrit

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    Default need some help with cuda and pyrit

    So I am hopping as I type r2 will install.

    Now I have been trying to get pyrit to work with my 460's with no luck. I am almost certain it has something to due with the cuda build. Could someone give me the link to the right toolkit to use? and I will see if that is the problem. If not then I will ask again.

    BTW when might the newest pyrit be in the repository?

    update: well r2 finally installed corectly, guess my seagate drive is dying. Now I am able to install the 460 drivers and cuda tool kits I type in the following command and get this

    python -c 'from cpyrit import _cpyrit_cuda'
    ImportError: CUDA seems to be unavailable or no device reported.
    now acording to pyrit website

    The CUDA-driver has loaded but failed to initialize or reports that none of your GPUs is compatible. Take a look at this page to find out if your GPU is supported. You may need to update your drivers.
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